Must-have energy-saving gadgets for your central heating system

There are 100s of articles on the internet explaining various tips to save energy cost. Most of them did not make use of technology or gadgets which encouraged us to compile this article. Technology has become a part and parcel of our daily lives and the concept of smart home is fast developing. Though there are numerous gadgets available in the market to save energy we will be listing out only those which are highly relevant to central heating system and boilers.

Wave Smart control

Most of the modern boilers have a sophisticated control system for scheduling. One such control is Wave smart control which is a programmable controller that can be operated using the internet. All you need is to install a mobile application on your smartphone and take control of your central heating system from anywhere in the world. This is especially beneficial if you are outside you have patients or kids alone in the home who can’t control the heating system. You can just switch on/off, set temperature, etc from the comfort of your workplace or travel. This allows you to increase the overall energy efficiency of the home from a remote place.

Chimney balloon

If your home has an unused fireplace it is common for heat to escape through it. You can install a chimney balloon which will not only prevent heat loss but also keep the room warm throughout. It can be installed inside the chimney breast and won’t be visible at all. This compact device will prevent heat loss and hence save energy cost.

Radiator reflectors

Heat is lost through many places in a home. These aluminum reflectors are perfect for preventing heat loss through the wall. They can be ideally placed behind the radiators and this aluminum panel does a great job of reflecting the heat back to the room reducing heat loss. They are not only easy to install but also affordable.

Nest thermostat

This is an energy-saving AI-powered gadget which has saved over 8 Billion KW of energy worldwide. This smart gadget takes just a week’s time to read your energy consumption trends and start programming itself. It will keep a record of all your lifestyle adjustments and set the energy control to the optimum level. The idea is to use only those energy that will be consumed and switching off electrical equipment when it won’t be used. This includes your boiler and central heating system too as they are highly energy dependent for their operations.

Home energy monitor

This is a smart energy gadget which doesn’t reduce your energy cost instead tracks all your appliances and provides a detailed report of their energy consumption. The report includes how much energy is consumed by each appliance and at what rate per hour. It also offers trend analysis on these offering delightful insights into your home. If used efficiently you can reduce your monthly energy bill by 20% with this analysis.